Illinois CNA and HHA Certifications Requirements State of Illinois (IL)

by admin on July 3, 2019

Requirements for CNA and HHA Certification

HHAs in IL must be approved and registered on the Department of Public Health’s Health Care Worker Registry. To get registered, they must meet training requirements by completion of a training program approved under the Long-Term Care Assistants and Aides Training Programs, detailed hereunder.

They can also get registered by establishing equivalencies with out-of-state certifications. For that, they would need to produce a clean certificate (with no background encumbrances), and documentation of successful completion of a nursing course which included at least 40 hours of supervised clinical experience.

A CNA can work as an aide in training and get into a training program within 45 days of being hired if she’s not already a CNA. She must also be on the registry as a CNA within 120 days of being hired. An applicant for the state certification must also sit for the exam within 120 days of completing the training program.

Note: Fed regulations require certified aides who work in Medicare or Medicaid-reimbursed facilities to accumulate 12 hours of continuing education per 12 month period.

We list the higher between Federal (Fed) and State requirements

Requirements CNA HHA
Work Eligibility Fed regulation: must be a citizen, national, or someone eligible to work in the U.S.;  must produce social security number. same
Type of Certification The school issues a CNA certificate, after which you sit for the state exam and become a state-certified CNA. Same conditions apply to become a state-certified HHA.
Application Form A filled application form is required together with all supplemental information, such as training diplomas and proof of eligibility to work as described above. same
Age Must be at least 16 years old. same
Driver’s License Not required. same
Education Level Must have successfully passed 9th grade and must speak English. same
Training hours & where A minimum of 80 accredited hours of training of theoretical training. same
Competence Training 40 additional hours of practical training, for a total of 120 hours. same
Experience No prior professional experience required. None required
Health Immunizations The state will require a negative TB test taken within 6 months and proof of immunization. same
Fingerprints No requirements. same
Background checks State and Federal checks required. same
Other Requirements For the state exam, your social security number must be produced; Photo ID and two photos. same
Licensed in another state? Full reciprocity is available: produce a current license from another state and sit for the state competence exam (as long as there are no blemishes on the background check or instances of abuse). same
Exam It is referred to as the Health Care Worker Registry Exam and given by the Registry in two parts, written, and practical. same


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