Ohio CNA and HHA Certification Requirements State of Ohio (OH)

by admin on July 3, 2019

Requirements for CNA and HHA Certification


Ohio seems to be a CNA-oriented state. HHAs are known as Caregiver Home Health Aides (CHHAs), and although it is not mandated by the state, we have gathered that it is recommended that they take a 60-hour class that opens up more employment opportunities than working privately with families.

Ohio also seems to be a less stringent state when it comes to its certification requirements. The CNA needs to get registered on the Aide Nurse Registry and apply for renewal of her certification every two years.

Note: Fed regulations require certified aides who work in Medicare or Medicaid-reimbursed facilities to accumulate 12 hours of continuing education per 12 month period.

We list the higher between Federal (Fed) and State requirements

Requirements CNA HHA
Work Eligibility Fed regulation: must be a citizen, national, or someone eligible to work in the U.S.;  must produce social security number. same
Type of Certification The school issues a CNA certificate, after which you sit for the state exam and become state-certified. N/A
Application Form A filled application form is required together with all supplemental information, such as high school and training diplomas and proof of eligibility to work as described above. N/A
Age No age limitations. same
Driver’s License Employer requirements apply. Employer requirements apply.
Education Level No limitations on education. same
Training hours & where The state requires 70 hours, thus the Fed regulation applies: a minimum of 75 accredited hours of training of combined theoretical and practical. Aides are advised to pick a school with more hours in case they transfer to another state. Same (be advised that training programs and number of hours differs from one school to the other).
Competence Training See above notes Same (see note above)
Experience No prior professional experience required. None required
Health Immunizations The school will require a negative TB test taken within 6 months and proof of immunization. Employer requirements apply.
Fingerprints No requirements. same
Background checks Employer requirements apply. same
Other Requirements For the state exam, your Social security number must be produced; Photo ID and two photos. N/A
Licensed in another state? Full reciprocity: produce a current license from another state and sit for the state competence exam. same
Exam It is referred to as the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam and given by the State Board of Nursing in two parts, written, and practical. N/A


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    Is my home CNA really a registered certified Aide?

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