Steps To Take To Become Certified As A CNA

by admin on September 1, 2019

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There is a growth in the number of institutions providing personalized healthcare to patients in the United States. This is to cater for the ageing population. Over 50s are not only more likely to get sick but also in need of compassion. This is why many Certified Nursing Assistants will be required in the coming years. If you are looking for a flexible career that offers accessible training and opportunities for growth, this is a good choice to make. As a CNA, your main job will be to take care of patients who have been incapacitated by chronic illnesses, old age and disability. So what are the steps involved in becoming a CNA?

1.     Go For Training

The prerequisites to being certified as a CNA differ slightly from state to state. However, all across the United States of America, the first step to being certified is to undertake training. There are two choices you have as regards the training. The first option will be to apply for free training from the nursing homes and other institutions. You will then undertake full-time training in nursing skills for a period not exceeding six weeks. In return, these institutions will require that you work for them for a specified period of time.

The other option you have is to enroll for training in a community college. Here, you will be required to pay any amount from $300 to $400 for the training. However, you are assured value for every dollar paid as the training is more vigorous. The training period is just about 6 months in many states. This longer period prepares you better for the state CNA exam as well as the actual profession. In the United States, some non-governmental organizations such as the Red Cross Society also train nursing assistants.

2.     Take the Written Exam

The training offered to prospective nursing assistants is to prepare them for the demanding nature of the job. However, the training is also essential in helping you tackle the CNA exam offered by your state. The first part of the exam is the written paper. Here you will tested theoretically on the basic nursing practices you have learnt. You will have to revise your classroom notes as well as handouts to effectively sit the exam. The catch here is simply being able to score above the pass-mark.

3.     Take the Clinical Exam

The CNA examination does not just end with the theory paper. This is because as a nursing assistant, your job is going to involve a lot of practical work. This is exactly why your training involved several hours of clinical work. The practical exam will test you on the nursing routines you have learnt. It tests simple routines such as moving your patient, sterilizing and washing every piece of equipment used and wearing your gloves when necessary. The examiners will also be keen to evaluate your ability to show love and care to the patient.

4.     Apply for Certification

It doesn’t take a long time for the results to be published. If you have satisfied your examiners in both papers, the final step is to apply for certification from the state. Before you do this, make sure you undertake a background criminal check as well as a drug test. These requirements have been made mandatory in every state, especially for nursing assistants who intend to work in healthcare centers. Once these concerns have been addressed, you will soon be certified as a CNA. The good news is that your state certification will enable you to work in majority of American states.

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