The Job Description Of A CNA

by admin on September 1, 2019

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With majority of the US population crossing the half decade mark in the next few years, there will be plenty of people in need of close medical attention. This only means more opportunities for people to become members of the healthcare team who offer the most personalized care for patients. The starting point is the Certified Nursing Assistant. The good thing about this career, apart from the good remuneration and flexible working hours, is the fact that there are many opportunities for growth. However, it is extremely shortsighted to walk into any career without knowing what your job is likely to involve.

Where does a CNA Work?

One of the important questions about becoming a CNA is where you will be carrying out your duties. For a long time, the duties of a nursing assistant have been confined to health centers such as hospitals and nursing homes. Nowadays, there are more opportunities for CNAs as regards working environments. Many families with elderly people are hiring the services of nursing assistants as a precautionary health measure. This means that you can choose to work directly from your patients’ homes. In addition, you can also work with private organizations that help the disabled.

Your Job Description as a CNA

You have now familiarized yourself with the different settings where you can work as a CNA. The next step is to learn exactly what you will be doing at these centers. Below is the job description of a Certified Nursing Assistant:

  • Personal care: perhaps the most important duty for any nursing assistant is to provide personal care to patients. These are patients who are unable to care for themselves, either due to injury, chronic illnesses or simply old age. Under this job, you will be called upon to help the patients feed, clean themselves and even dress. This work will call for a lot of compassion on the part of the nursing assistant.
  • Documentation of records: Every time a patient is admitted into a health facility, there are plenty of records that need to be kept. These include the registration, personal details as well as the medication and treatment therapies the patient is going to undergo. As a CNA, you have to ensure all these records have been recorded, however inconsequential they might seem.
  • Monitoring patients’ progress: Of all the healthcare professionals there are, nobody spends more time with the patient than a nursing assistant. You are in the best position to notice any slight changes in the patient’s physical conditions as well as behavior. You will therefore have to monitor and document all the signs and symptoms as well as their responsiveness to medication.
  • Transporting patients: In a healthcare facility, different departments can’t all be at the same location. But how does a crippled patient make it from the ward bed to the x-ray room for instance? This is where the services of a CNA will come in. You will be called upon to help patients move around the facility for treatment as well as relaxation.
  • Communication link: Lastly, the nursing assistant also serves as a channel through which the family of the patient can communicate their concerns to the rest of the medical team.


Once you start working as a CNA, these are the min duties that you will be required to perform. Other minor duties will very much depend on the registered nurse under whom you will be working, as well as the needs of your patient.

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