Tips For Passing The NNAAP Exam

by admin on September 2, 2019

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Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is an excellent career choice. The readily available training provides a good stepping stone to higher levels of the nursing professions. In addition, many prospective students have realized that the need for nursing assistants is not about to wane any time soon. If anything, with many Americans, set to turn fifty or even more in the next few years, that demand is surely set to increase. Before you set foot into this career, it is important to know what it entails and what will be required of you. This guide will help you know how to overcome one of the biggest hurdles, which is the NNAAP exam.

What is the NNAAP Exam?

If you are new to the nursing profession, you probably haven’t heard about the NNAAP exam. Many people are misconceived that as soon as you complete your training, you can be certified as a CNA. This is probably due to the fact that some health care institutions allow trained nursing assistants to work for some time before their exam. The National Nursing Aids Assessment Program exam, simply called the NNAAP exam, is the examination that prospective Certified Nursing Assistants have to sit before they can be accredited. This exam usually consists of a written and a clinical exam. But how can one pass this examination?

How to Pass the NNAAP Exam

You have probably worked very hard to come to this point. You do not want all those hours of classroom and clinic training to go to waste. Here are some tips that will help you pass the NNAAP examinations:

Go through classroom notes: Before you read any other external material, it is very important to go through classroom notes. It is after you have internalized what you learned in class that you can understand what handouts and books try to put across. Attending class is often more gainful than personal reading, especially in professional courses.
Have everything in order: The last thing you want is to start panicking during the examination day simply because you can’t locate your identity card. To ensure such small things do not stress you during the all important day, make sure you have all the physical needs for sitting the exam in place within good time.
Go through past exam material: With the advancement made in Internet communication, getting the papers sat in past periods has never been easier. A look at what other students have done in previous exams always helps you know what to expect. You will also get to practice how to answer exam-style questions and know the areas you aren’t well prepared for.
Concentrate on clinical training: When working as a nursing assistant, it is more about what you can do rather than what you know. This is why you need to take your clinical training very seriously. Examiners are always keen during the clinical paper to make sure you are familiar with basic routines and whether you can care for a patient.
Be there on time: It is always safe to report to the exam center half an hour earlier. This is because not all centers will allow you to come in late. In addition, reporting early is a good way of beating anxiety.
Wash your hands: One thing that many students forget is to wash their hands before handling the patient. Examiners are always keen to check whether you are up to the level of meticulousness that working as a CNA demands. Also remember to put on gloves whenever necessary.
With these tips, you can never get it wrong in your NNAAP exam.

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