Utah CNA and HHA Certification Requirements State of Utah (UT)

by admin on July 3, 2019

Requirements for CNA and HHA Certification


Again, in yet one more state, HHAs do not appear anywhere in the certification requirements for UT. The term HHA is another appellation for nurse aide (and eventually for CNA) in UT. HHAs transferring from other states should investigate their moving into a CNA program for going up the career ladder.

In Utah, initial certification by an accredited school or academy is necessary to sit for certification with the state. The state exam must be taken within one year of completion of training, and the certification issued is good for 24 months. To renew the CNA’s certification, the Aide needs to have worked for 200 hours under the supervision of a state-licensed RN, otherwise the exam has to be taken again.

The state exam is in two parts, the first consisting of 100 multiple choice questions in which the applicant must score 75%. The application form can be obtained through one of the links provided at the end of this page.

Note: Fed regulations require certified aides who work in Medicare or Medicaid-reimbursed facilities to accumulate 12 hours of continuing education per 12 month period.

We list the higher between Federal (Fed) and State requirements

Requirements CNA HHA
Work Eligibility Must be citizen, National, or someone eligible to work in the U.S., as per Fed & state regulations. same
Type of Certification You get listed on the State Nurse Aide Registry; The Registry gives out certificates; you have to renew your certificate every 24 months. N/A
Application Form A filled application form is required together with all supplemental information, such as training diploma, proof of eligibility to work as described above, and background check (application form is available through one of the links at the end of this page). N/A
Age No age minimum is imposed. N/A
Driver’s License Driver’s license not required. N/A
Education Level You will not be required to have graduated high school. N/A
Training hours & where Must complete and pass a Board-approved training course; those differ in length, the least requirement being the Fed requirement of 75 hours of training (including 19 hours of practical training). N/A
Competence Training 19 hours of practical training (Federal requirement) are included in the above classroom training; actual courses will differ with each approved school. N/A
Experience No prior professional experience required. N/A
Health Immunizations A negative TB test taken within 6 months and proof of immunization. N/A
Fingerprints Aides must submit fingerprint cards for background checks. N/A
Background checks Applicants must go through state and Fed background checks. N/A
Other Requirements Photo ID and two photos; TB test results. N/A
Licensed in another state? Reciprocity is available if you submit a certified license in good standing from another state and a clean Federal background check; you will be asked to sit for the skills test. N/A
Exam A CNA who has successfully completed a Nursing Assistant Training and Competency Evaluation Program (NATCEP), sits for the state examination and is placed on the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry if successful. N/A


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