What Are The Duties Of A Nursing Assistant?

by admin on September 1, 2019

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The US has a growing need of Certified Nursing Assistant to support the provision of excellent healthcare services in what is an ageing population with ever demanding needs. Many people keen on giving their contribution to the noble cause of medical care have taken up this line of training. Many have been encouraged by the highly accessible training facilities and the ability to constantly improve on their skills. But just how wise is it to take up a career when you have no idea what will be required of you? Many nursing assistants who are new to the job often get caught unaware by the demands of this career. To ensure you aren’t among these, this script will help you understand the duties of a nursing assistant.

  • Personal Care for Patients

The most common duty of a Certified Nursing Assistant is to provide personal care to patients who cannot take care of themselves. In many cases, these are patients who are suffering from chronic illnesses. However, this form of care is these days extended to the senior citizens in society as a precautionary measure. Personal care can also be offered to people born with disability or those disabled through injury. The care given includes bathing, toileting, dressing and general grooming. Unlike a few years back, this care is not confined to hospitals as it can also be offered from home.

  • Transporting Patients

One of the most common tasks in hospitals is moving patients from one place to another. Due to old age, disability and many other health conditions, some patients cannot take themselves from point A to B. As a nursing assistant, this is exactly where the movement methods you learned in training will be put to use. You will many times be required to help a patient make their way to the washrooms, theatre, x-ray room or even to their car as they are being discharged.

  • Documenting Patient Records

You have probably heard a number of times that a Certified Nursing Assistant must possess above-average literary skills. This is because the actual job is going to demand a lot of reading and writing. You will be required by the supervising registered nurse or doctor to constantly document most of the patient’s medical records. In addition, since you spend the most time next to the patient, it is your responsibility to monitor and record vital signs or even changes in the appearance of the patient.

  • Patient Advocacy

It is very easy to assume that the purpose of a CNA does not go beyond providing personal care for a patient. However, the relationship between a nursing assistant and their patient extends beyond these routines and tracking of medical records. You can also serve as an advocate of your patient and their family. In this respect, your duty will be to relay any concerns they may have to the rest of the health care team. Many times, nursing assistants have managed to, among other favors, vouch for mitigation of medical fees for their patients.

  • Monitoring the Conditions of a Patient

Monitoring the conditions of a patient is perhaps one of the most challenging duties of a nursing assistant. The majority of the other duties only test the physical capabilities of the CNA. However, when it comes to monitoring conditions of a patient, more brain work is demanded. You will have to be sharp at all times so as to notice any variations on vital signs and symptoms. This job demands a lot of accuracy since it forms the basis on which doctors assess the patient’s progress.

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